I'm Wendy Wheatcroft and I'm running for San Diego City Council District 7. Together WE can do anything. Join me.

Come Join Me

I'm Wendy Wheatcroft. I'm an educator, a mom, a wife, and I'm a Democrat running for San Diego City Council District 7 in the 2020 election. I come from a proud military family and I want to be a Councilmember for all residents of District 7.

With its urban, suburban and wilderness areas, District 7 is a beautiful place to call home. But we can make it better. We have a broad mix of neighborhoods and cultures which all contribute to make District 7 a wonderfully diverse place to live. Regardless of where in the district you live or how long you have lived here, I want to make it a better place for everyone

I also want to hear from you - what your issues are and what you want for the district. If you want to help me turn District 7 blue, please sign up to stay in touch with my campaign, volunteer, or donate. You can also follow me on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

Join me. Together, WE can do anything.