Group of multi ethnic childrenFamily is the smallest community.

Born or chosen, family are those we want to have a meal with, guide through the tough times, celebrate in the good times, and with whom we share our hopes for today and tomorrow.

Families grow stronger in neighborhoods that are safe, vibrant, and thriving. They expand to include the grocers who feed us, the teachers who care for our children, and the doctors, firefighters, and
police who protect us. Communities take hold as a family of families, tethered in the spirit of inclusion.

Home is where we foster the family. It's the foundation of community. And everyone has a right to it.

I have developed a comprehensive and workable plan to help ease San Diego's housing crisis - Community for All. It is based on five guiding principles:

  1. Safe, affordable, quality housing is a human right.
  2. Strong, vibrant neighborhoods include people of diverse backgrounds.
  3. Everyone's quality of life is improved when we lift up our most vulnerable.
  4. Responsible growth with community benefits enhances neighborhood character.
  5. A resilient city crafts policy to weather economic downturns.

Click here to download a copy of my Community for All blueprint.