Here are five key issues that I will prioritize for District 7 if I become your council member:

Public safety: We are fortunate that San Diego is among the safest large cities in the country. However, we still have several public safety issues to deal with. Violent crime remains a major concern. In addition, we need to ensure that when the next wildfire hits San Diego, we are prepared to deal with it and minimize its impact.  

Wendy is California chapter lead for Moms Demand ActionThe environment: From keeping our canyons clean and free of litter and flammable brush, to clearing up the San Diego River, there are many environmental issues that have been neglected for too long in our district.  In addition, in order to meet our city and state Climate Action Goals, there are many things we can do to educate citizens on how to reduce their own impact.

Affordable housing: San Diego is the fourth-least-affordable housing market in the country. This makes it difficult for our young adults to move out of their home, takes home ownership out of reach of many, and often leads to multiple generations being forced to live in the same house. Learn more about my Community for All housing plan.

Homelessness: San Diego’s homeless population continues to grow, and far outstrips our resources to deal with it. This impacts District 7 as much as the rest of the city, and needs to be handled compassionately. We need to find long-term solutions to reduce homelessness in District 7 and beyond.

Better infrastructure and transit: As the largest district in the city, with three major freeways passing through it, our transportation infrastructure is a key issue for District 7. From roads that continue to be full of potholes, to greener, affordable public transport options, we need to ensure our infrastructure can support 21st century requirements.

I have bold plans to make San Diego a better place to live. I'll be rolling these out with five-point plans over the next few months, so be sure to follow me to keep track of these.

While these are my priorities, I am sure that residents of District 7 have other opinions and ideas. I’d love to hear from you to ensure that I effectively represent the whole district.

Follow me on Facebook or Twitter and join the conversation or meet me at a neighborhood coffee meetup and tell me in person - I'm all ears. What we don’t need is another status quo politician telling the people of the district what their issues are before they have even talked to voters.